CLASSICS 1M03 Study Guide - Final Guide: Google Scholar, Dependency Theory, Graham T. Allison

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5 May 2017

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[note: this is an abbreviated version of the tutorial guide that i provide to your teaching assistants. It will provide you with information that is useful for your tutorials and your written assignments] The manual below has been designed to provide you with an overview of what we will be doing in the upcoming semester. Specifically, it offers a week-by-week breakdown of your tutorials and, correspondingly, outlines what you will need to prepare to be ready to actively engage your students. Our tutorials this semester will focus on three things: developing basic research skills, applying those skills to hypothetical political scenarios, presenting individual research findings in a simulated academic conference environment. In addition to what follows, we [the tas and myself] will be meeting as a group once a week. These meetings will offer further instruction, including exercises that you can use in your tutorials to enhance the process of learning basic research methods.

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