CLASSICS 1M03 Study Guide - Final Guide: Maius, Princeps, Ancient Greek Philosophy

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Geography varried: alps in north, mountains, valleys, seas, rivers. Climate: cool winters, warm-hot summers; shortage of natural resources. Etruscans (etruria) - tuscany, western umbria, northern latium. Magna graecia - coastal areas of southern italy, extensively colonized the greeks. Communal organization: small, independent city-states (clusters of villages around central political space. Phalanx: a body of troops or police officers, standing or moving in close formation. Mos maiorum: ancestral custom or way of the elders ; the core concept of. Forum romanum: rectangular plaza, a political and religious centre. Temple of jupiter optimus maximus: most important temple in ancient rome, located. Aerarium: public treasury on the capitoline hill (6th century bce) Curia hostilia: original senate house; initially a temple, then used by senators acting. Curiae: form 3 traditional tribes (familial, military, religious affiliation) as council to the king. Classis and infra classem: wealth and military service; political/military units.

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