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Writers of prose, wordsmith; engaged in writing mythographies and geanologies (mostly traced lineage back to a god) Hecataeus of miletus (c. 550-480 bc: most famous and only logopoious cited. Writer of the epics (of the gods and their stories) Unitarians: thought the histories" are written as an organic whole, planned well. Analysts: see the histories" as fragmented. view changes in herodotus" interests, methods, and approach over time digressions. Approach to telling the histories" where herodotus introduced ashbacks/forwards, narrative pauses, etc. apodexis. What herodotus calls his work - calls it apodexis of the inquiries" not the result of inquiry, but the process of investigating events of the past historia/histori . People he asks knows the case rst handed - they know what has happened autopsy. Literally self seeing in rst handed greek aklea. Literally without fame, lose their renown kleos. The preface (in this case, the rst couple lines of the histories)

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