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Communication Studies
Alexandre Sevigny

Exam Info Tuesday, April 02,2013 11:34AM Cumulative Don’t forget to bubble in the version number… Similar questions to the midterm Name on test paper 100 MCQ/TF Make sure the edition is up to date Practice exam on avenue Questions on guest speaker How to study for this awful exam? What types of questions: Majority will be knowledge - straight forward -read Understand graphs and key terms -correlate them with what's in lecture Fillin all blanks from lecture notes !!! -notes from lecture Know what is and what isn't the definition -understand the articles See a model, is it linear or transactional? (L1) Memorize processes - good application Time binding societies L1: which of the following is not a need that communications meets in our lives? Don’t worry about bio of authors! Application (mostly from UHC) But should know their philosophy Assume we understand the theory, given a scenario and then distinguish Ex: a couple are having an argument. One wants to confront the other with an assertive message. Which of the following are/are not things they would do if they were trying to Read for understanding not just content compose an assertive message?...Petershould... Make an appt. Summarize Read lecture notes to memorize, then match to the textbooks Ask for perspective Write it down and draw parallels What the right answer means in a political, social context Synthesis (mostly come from ITC) He assumes we know the contents of the theory and able to think about it in terms of
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