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Communication Studies

CMST Lecture 1 intro to communications3 approaches1Culture Harold Innis Marshall McLuhan2Psychology of communicationStephen Pinker3Analysis cognitive of metaphors George Lakoff Norman Fairclough social structure of texts what does your communication say about youWhat is communicationProcess of human responding rational act to symbolic behaviour of othersMetacommunication communication with oneselfSymbols are arbitraryEx cat small furry mellow animal dog jumps on you smallbig furrySame idea different wordsImportant because only way we come to an understanding is linked through the idea of the same sort of social conventionMake associations and assumptions based on symbolsEx chat word for cat in French think of a French person and form opinions based on what you know about FrenchnessWho is saying it What does it meanWho is listening What does it meanDifferent interactions and communications betweenPeople peopleOrganizationspeoplePeopleorganizationsOrganizationsorganizationsINTRApersonal communicationInner monologuemeta communication to yourself in your headinterspeechDyadic CommunicationParis how people communicate with eachother most of interpersonal communication happens hereSmall group communication312 people NA communication every member of the group can express themselvesPublic communicationOne way of communicating to a large audienceMass communicationHighly produced by organizations hard to get a hold of broadcastnew companies generally structureFunctions of communicationGives us physical means food makes things happenEssential to health and wellbeingImportant to our identity makes us feel human to one anotherAchieves our social needs personal gratification companionship group belongingPart of communityAddress our practical needs getting things done getting others to do thingsModels of communicationLinear modelTransactional way of info and ideasNoise psychological environmental physicalHumans are very sensitive to cues of communicationAimto be competent as a communicator vocab awareness style evaluating gods needs and wants of all parties your tone ability to understand situationsCommunication Competencevocabularystyleinterlocutors goals needs wantsmodulationunderstanding situationcontextemotional change empathyCommunicationGreekroman RhetoreticiansCommunication valued if you committed a crime the rhetorician would tell about you your character contributions of societyif good youre let freeSociety of laws Roman reply on argumentative practice lawyers were essential professional arguers communicatorsoLearn logic rhetoric argumentation Concept of meaningWorld knowledge what you bring to the worldSocial context power prestige status depends on your community Omish v TorontooUnderstand your public businessmen and figure out what motivates themCocomposition webuild meaning together Pathologythings that are wrong with people hearing due to ipodnoise etcoStart dying at the age of 25Perception biggest problem slightly different perceptionbrain process be open as a communicator
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