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Chapter 8 – Culture and Socialization
In social settings, people are highly dependent on each other, setting the stage for
Information Dependence
Reliance on others for information about how to think, feel and act.
Effect Dependence
Reliance on others due to their capacity to provide rewards and punishment.
Motives for Social Conformity
Compliance- Conformity to a social norm prompted by the desire to acquire
rewards or avoid punishment.
Identification- Conformity to a social norm prompted by perceptions that those
who promote the norm are attractive or similar to oneself.
Internalization- Conformity to a social norm prompted by true acceptance of the
beliefs, values and attitudes that underlie the norm.
The process by which people learn the attitudes, knowledge and behaviours
necessary to function in a group or organization.
Person-Job Fit
The match between an employees knowledge, skills, and abilities and the
requirements of a job.
Person-Organization Fit
The match between an employees personal values and those of an organization.
Organizational Identification
The extent to which an individual defines him- or herself in terms of the
organization and what it is perceived to represent.
Stages of Socialization
Anticipatory Socialization (pre-entry)
Role Management
Unrealistic Expectations/Psychological Contract
Often people enter into a job with high expectations based on certain stereotypes
or accessible media, which may lead to a psychological contract breach.
Psychological Contract- Beliefs held by employees regarding the reciprocal
obligations and promises between them and their organization.
Psychological Contract Breach- Employee perceptions that his or her organization
has failed to fulfill one or more of its promises or obligations of the psychological
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