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Word tutorial notes EXAM REVIEW

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Computer Science
Anthony Hurst

Microsoft Office- Word Tutorial #1: 1.1  Margins- blank spaces around the edges of a documents content represented by the grey area  Insertion point- where your characters will begin  Paragraph mark- when the end of a paragraph if visible no printing mode is on.  Rules- display page lengths useful as you work with different elements in a document  Print Layout View- most common view, how it will be printed  Show hide button- shows and hides non printing characters  Auto Complete- auto completes dates when beginning to type them, does not work for small words such as MAY because “ma” may be the beginning of many words.  Undo and Redo buttons are on the quick access tutorial  Ctrl plus left arrow or right moves by word  Alt ctrl page up or down goes to the beginning or end of the document window  Spelling Checker- continuously checks your document as you work  Contextual spelling error- misuse of grammar such as then and than with a blue line  Green line marks where your sentence is not grammatically correct  Red line means misspelled  Formatting- how the document looks  Paragraph spacing refers to the space that appears directly above and below a paragraph  A point is 1/72
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