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Earth Science - Midterm 2 iClicker Questions.docx

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Earth Sciences
Sergei Basik

iClicker Questions 1. Why are storms found at both warm fronts and cold fronts? a) In both cases, the warm, more-humid air rises rapidly over cold air, cooling, condensing and raining b) Where a warm front collides with a cold front, the friction between them generates heat and storms c) In both cases, the northward-moving front goes to the right, so the storm cell formed turns counterclockwise d) Warm fronts concentrate static positive charges; cold air concentrates negative charges. They storm where the two collide. 2. As air temperature rises, its ability to hold water vapor ______. a) Increases b) Decrease c) Stays constant d) Increases then decreases 3. The main reason for warmer summers in middle latitudes is due to what? a) The earth is closer to the sun in summer b) The sun is higher in the sky, and we receive more direct solar radiation c) Ocean currents transport heat from the tropics to middle latitudes d) Plants in the mid-latitudes enhance the greenhouse effect 4. What changes do NOT occur in El Nino weather patterns? a) Trade winds weaken b) It rains in coastal Peru and Ecuador (South America) c) Air pressure rises in western Pacific d) It rains in Indonesia 5. Dust storms are NOT the results of: a) Overgrazing b) Soil mismanagement c) Soil dehydration d) Climatic cycles 6. Why are people in urban areas in danger of heat waves? a) Because heat waves affect only urban areas b) Because heat waves in urban areas are very rare c) Because of the heat island effect d) None of these 7. Rising air-cools by what? a) Expansion b) Compression c) Condensation d) Evaporation 8. Which of the following statements is wrong? a) Hypothermia occurs when the body temperature drops to 90 degrees F or lower b) Hypothermia is exclusive to winter c) Hypothermia can develop whenever body heat loss exceeds heat gain d) Hypothermia is often mistaken for fatigue, irritability, or dehydration 9. Which sentence is wrong? a) Without the greenhouse gases Earth would be too cold to inhabit b) These gases in earth’s atmosphere absorb and emit heat energy c) The greenhouse gases include carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane and other gases d) Carbon dioxide is the most plentiful greenhouse gas on the planet, accounting for about 60% of the current greenhouse effect 10.Which country would not be affected by a sea level rise? a) The USA b) The UK c) The Netherlands d) Switzerland 11.Consequences of climate change do not include: a) More frequent and stronger storms b) Smaller snow packs c) Cooling of the ocean d) Rising of the sea level 12.Which of the following is NOT distinctive about a cloud that might develop a tornado? a) A broad “anvil-shaped” top b) Bulbous pouches drooping from the base of the cloud c) A narrower, steep-sided, rotating cloud descending below th
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