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ENGL 1A03 Final: elements of fiction chapter 1.docx

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Eugenia Zuroski Jenkins
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required text: elements of literature: 4th Canadian edition
oxford dictionary of literary terms and concise Canadian writer’s handbook (info about writing)
tues 12-2pm office hours CNH 403
assignments and handbook on avenue to learn
2 essays: 1- 500 words on short story and 2- 1000 words on poetry
Elements of Fiction
learn methods of reading and how to write about 2 forms of English: poetry and short fiction
reading closely and throughtfully
terms for critical analysis of fiction
what is a fiction? Fact vs. fiction
not opposites but rather categories of information that interact with each other; mutually productive
fact- to make or to do
fiction- to make or to shape
both are manufactured or put together
fiction adopts facts; things that happen or don’t happen. Taking facts and shaping them by giving
them a specific form.
Ex: Trojan war: all things that happened in the world. Homer preserved a version of the war after
the event. Fiction gives cultural form to the fact where they can continue to live past the lifetime of a
Fiction makes things understandable, recognizable, unrecognizable.
Fiction makes fact meaningful, dynamic, everchanging
What literature/ fiction does?
Pg. 4 fiction fractures truth in purposeful and pleasing way
Fracture is not negative
Truth relies on fiction to fracture it to be enjoyable
Realistic fiction: forget you’re reading a fiction. Still shaping information and fracturing
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