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Environmental Science
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ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE EXAM FORMAT-3HOURS : PART1: 3 OF 5 SHORT ANS QUESTIONS ( 5 MARKS EACH-15 TOTAL) PART 2: 2 OF 4 QUESTIONS ( 10 MARKS EACH-20 TOTAL) PART 3: 2 LAB QUESTIONS" 1 will involes calculation question" ( 10 MARKS TOTAL-10 TOTAL) PART 4: 60 MULTIPLE CHOICE (0.5 MARK EACH- 30 TOTAL) stability, dew point temp, lapse rate ATMOSPHERE: THE PROPERTIES OF THE ATMOSPHERE, WHICH GAS IS VARIABLE, WHICH 1 IS GREEN HOUSE GAS temperature, density,pressure know the formular, know how they relate know that the atmosphere changes as we move up the diagram about the composition of the atmosphere in the notes( not the textbook), whats the difference between the layers of the atmosphere, why temperature increase and decrease ( everything increase in the temp has to go with absorption) why temp increases in certain spot in the atmosphere layers? ozone layer. radiation Energy: different type of energy tranfers( convecton, conduction, basic eneergy properties, the difference between conduction, convection and radiation, long- short wavelength) radiation transfer conduction: mixing gases Look at the energy exchange diagram: what is the conductive flux, whats radiation, DOnt care too much about jump in photon, chemical energy Know: which wavelength has more energy( hotter object emmits more radiation, shorter wavelenth; cooler object emmits less radiation, longer wavelength) -understand basic radiation principles, -know energy wavelengths -look careful at the diagrams in this chapter. -the sun is 16 times more energy -2 laws are SUPER UPPER IMPORTANT: Stefen law and Kirchoff's law -Kirchoff's law: the concept of greenhouse gases, there will be green house effect question in the test, we increase the green house effect by increasing emmitivity and absortivity. what is biggest greenhouse gas>-> water vapor know why we have seasons? how many times a year the sun appear direct overhead in hamilton (0 times) only 1-2 questions about the seasons. atmospheric energy: -what is albedo, what is reflection, absorption, transmit, scatter, -what is a selective absorber? -the atmospheric greenhouse effect -what is the atmosphere greenhouse effect, if CO2 in the atmosphere is going up, how is the temperature going up? ( this is the eg question, use long-short wavelength, steffan and kirchoff law to ans this) -greenhouse effect is absorption and re-emmition of heat -look at those diagrams and understand what going on, dont get caught up with numbers -Global engery balance -balancing the budget HOW SHORT AND LONG WAVE RADIATION HOW INTERACT WITH THE ATMOSPHERE AND THE MAIN INTERACTION IN THE ATMOSPHERE -what is the energy balance, radiation balance?=> we have the imbalance in the radiation balance in the planet. -R=K-K+L-L is what we get -R=Q+Q+Q is what we spend -latent heat is the greatest comsumer globally atmosphereic pressure and wind what causes wind to move?-> pressure what causes difference in pressure?-> difference in heating wind is the response to different tempt and pressure in the planet. the wind is trying to balance out the pressure. cold air more dense and warm air is less dense general decline in pressure as we move. wind goes from high to low pressure coriolis force
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