HLTHAGE 1BB3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Defined Benefit Pension Plan, Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Security

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3 models of healthcare: the medical model favours surgery, drugs, and rehab though physical therapies: usually in physician"s office, a hospital, or other healthcare facility the social model includes personal and family counseling, homecare, and adult daycare, tries to keep older ppl in their homes the health promotion model focuses on prevention and self care, aims to prevent disease through lifestyle change, increased knowledge about healthy behaviour, and environmental improvement. 5 principles of medicate universality of eligibility: comprehensiveness of coverage, portability btwn provinces, accessibility by prepayment through taxes, public administration on nonprofit basis. Guaranteed income supplement (gis: provides additional money to low income seniors living in canada, non taxable, must be receiving and old age security pension to receive gis. Financial issues in late life certain groups of older people more likely to be below the poverty line: people who do not speak english, those w/ little education, the very old, women, unmarried (especially women)