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Labour Studies - Exam Notes.docx

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Labour Studies
David Goutor

Final Exam  Two sections 1. Identification Section  Given ten things  Choose five  Identify them and explain significance  Names, names of unions, names of laws, names of people, concepts (taylorism), events (berlin 1902), lost generation,  Identify when it happened, where, what does it involve  Why it is significant: how does it relate to the course, why would it be included, how it relates to lecture, things in the text, etc.  Everything that is on their will have been mentioned in the lecture and covered in at least one of the readings  Best guide to go by is lecture outlines 2. Essay Questions  Will be five questions  Will choose two  Cover at least one  Compare knights of labour with craft unions  Compare this period to another period  Compare first world war to second world war  Will be set up so do not have to think much about taking a position  Some will be about a thing: post war compromise, strike wave after world war one  No trick questions Exam Review  Identification Questions: o Will not do years anymore o Will be 10 and choose 5 o Ex. “On-to-Ottawa”:  Started with organizing unemployed, especially in unemployed camps  Organized by communists  Started in West and moved to Ottawa using railway
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