MUSIC 2TT3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: The Drowsy Chaperone, Cameron Mackintosh, Fred Ebb

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17 Apr 2016

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4 secions: true/false (20 quesions, 20 points, 10 minutes, matching (15 quesions, 15 points, 10 minutes, muliple choice (20 quesions, 20 points, 20 minutes, listening (20 quesions, 20 points, 20 minutes) Covers from the drowsy chaperone to phantom: readings, listening assignments, class notes, lyric & script excerpts. Love life: here i"ll stay, i remember it well, this is the life . Cabaret: willkommen, if you could see her, cabaret . Company: company, the litle things you do together, you could drive a person. Crazy, another hundred people, geing married today, barcelona, the ladies. Sunday in the park with george: sunday in the park with george, color and light, . We do not belong together, sunday, move on . Assassins: everybody"s got the right, the ballad of booth, how i saved roosevelt, . Gun song, unworthy of your love, another naional anthem . Les mis rables: prologue work song, what have i done?, i dreamed a dream, .

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