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Political Science
Greg Flynn

The Practice of democracy in Canada is as incumbent upon the participants in government as it has to do with the institutional structures of government itself and as such does not provide sufficient limitations to prevent tyranny in this country Start off by defining democracy and talk about how this idea of liberal democracy while inherently apart of our heritage and creation does not necessarily follow up in the institutions we have establishedDemocracy is the cooperation among members of a state for the purpose of creating a more equal and progressive society based on the deviating ideas of each individual Democracy is good for handling both large and small issues within a state by getting opinions and new ideas from those who feel the need to do so it shows the public view of these issues in depth and allows unity among members of the state It provides further political rights such as elections but also civil liberties to make this political participation more significant However the people of a democracy must acknowledge the authority of the state in order to prevent a tyranny of the majority and legitimate its absolute decisions of the peopleDiscuss theoryoPluralismTyranny of the majority group political system where the majority opinion directs the flow of politics system of accommodation oElite PluralismCanadian political institutions have established a clear elite class in society but does this theory effectively describe our politicsoPublic Choiceperhaps Canadian politics are driven by the majority voice and have won elections based on a parties ability to play to this majority but does this describe our systemoInstitutionalismor maybe our system is formally and informally based on a set of institutions and rules that direct the path of current events by those of the past oIt seems quite evident that no single theory can describe Canadian politics entirely but this set of theories allows one to establish a framework of concepts that may describe specific institutions of our system While the idea that our system may establish a tyranny of the majority may be a bit of an overstretch the limitations placed on various institutions do not effectively allow for democratic practice and policy Thus it is fair to say that our political system is inherently undemocratic in its institutions and in practice 1Branches of Government and BureaucracyExecutive Branch Separation of Powers and Responsible GovernmentThe Queen head of state ceremonial symbolic in the sense of being a unifying figure of our heritage The GovernorGeneralPower to appoint governmentNot insignificant prorogation1979 Federal election2006 Federal ElectionPower to dissolve parliamentKingByng Affair 1925Conservatives 116Liberals 101Progressives 24Labour 2Independents 2HarperJean ConferenceGeneral power to appointTupperOther powersImmediately following the election of 1896 Charles Tupper approached lord Aberdeen asking for prorogationAberdeen denied his offer due to a lack of confidence from the houseThe Prime MinisterQualificationsLeader of the party with the most seats in the House of Commons Dont have to be Canadian citizen dont have to be bilingual dont have to sit in parliamentJohn TurnerPowerNo direct policy responsibility Presides over the Cabinet and calls for meetingsFar more powerful than the US PresidentPrivy Council OfficeBureaucracy that serves the PM responsible for advising the PM on policy and government Prime Ministers OfficeMost powerful entity in Ottawa provides political advice to the PM partisan interests of the PM and their partyMost PMs have used this office to gain a heavier control on parliament Often employs people in their mid to late 20s due to the extensive working hoursCentralization of Power in PMOThe CabinetQualificationsSelection CriteriaMember of parliament not necessarily of the House of CommonsRegionally balancedat least one minister from each province but larger provinces in population often have moreFar more women in Cabinet 37 under Harper
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