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Political Science September 14 2011 First lecturePolitical Theorythis is a sub field of the study of political sciencepolitical philosophy and political theory how things actually work in the realm of politicsnot how politics works but more with the idea of how politics should workdescribing and explaining what are political factsto explain something is how to explain political facts came into being ExplainNormative theorizing of politicshow politics should workwhat should politics and the goal of politics begiving the ppl what they wantshould all adults be treated politically equalor only those who are involved in the political structureshould political society be with the growth of the common or social justice or injusticeshould property be protected by the state or all to be the cannon of political theory the works and corner stone of political theoryan influences of a particular textancient law and words ever new changing you mesome historical political structure will offend the ideals of past and former liberal democratic society and this is for you exist and have been raised in a Liberal democratic societypolitical theory that are alien and foreign to our way of thinking is for it bring to light the comparative nature of our society and what makes up or societyeverybody is equal is everybody equal really when it comes to politicsmoral assumptionsmoral standard are the matter of individual choose and we should respect theyre moral standard then should we be allowed and aid each persons moral standard but what is done when that indiv impedes another rights and others moral standards always treat ppl justly are you really sure you should be treated justly all the time in each case and scenariothe search for justice and mercy should be we all see the world through filters filters which tend to block what things actually are and how they are suppose to be for both its virtues and its flawsThe republic of PlatoMeaning of justice and about the right way to liveAddressing the relationship of philosophy demand of politicsPlato born before 28BC and died at 80 Distinguished aristocratic familyMember of Socratic service engaged in debate with SocratesInfluence of Socrates was great essential figure in republicSocrates he was a historical character Athenian character executed in 399 BC poor in his old age uncover what wisdom actually was was essentially prompted and Socrates was the wisest sent out to disprove the oracle that he was the wisest man Ask people what they thought what was right to do what was justice challenged them in a way that irritated them his task was to unveil true wisdom about justice he was eventually brought up for 2 charges pol corrupting the youth of Athens political charge accused of not believing in the Gods recognized in the city of Athens he was sentenced and executeddialogue was about historical character second is a character in Platos dialogue We dont know for sure of the dialogue in Plato represent the real Socrates We are not concerned with the real but with the character represented in PlatoPlatos use of the dialogue form refer to it as a dialogue not a novelThis begins with a serious of discussion about the meaning of justice and the way to livethe dialogue form the author offers messages in more than one way first of all he offer in explicit proposition form which is readily accessible to yousecondly is more implicithidden and the author will try to put across dramatic context of dialogue you get descriptions of charactershow they behavehow they relate to each otherviolates or contradicts May be intended to supplement or to contradict what the offer has said through pg 29 Socrates gets the better of him in a debate What are we to make of the character blushing Two messages logical order proposition form or the implicit dramatic formwhy does he write with two different speeches One reason he is engaged in a hidden form of writing to obscure his real thought to the masses and reveal them to draw intelligible to masses and speech that is intelligible only to the insiders groupmost of the speech is speech that is intended only for the select fewThe theme in the republic is what is justice What is the right thing to do Society to do The concept of justice is a character in the first book various conventional views of justice criticized by Socratesconventional by the use of justice that was dominate by the Athenian society at the time3 participates in the dialogue They have their own views of justiceSocrates tends to points out weaknesses in each of the views he does
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