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Political Science
Catherine Frost

Berlin and PluralismThis essay was delivered during cold war try to make sense of a war that didnt endTheme of the essay is about freedom hot topic because Americans were sure that they had been the advocates for freedom vise versaAt end of struggle there is an unresolved question Two concepts of liberty both come out of shared tradition regarding question of freedom but not as compatible as we thinkthStart of essay talks about sense people have gotten in the 20 Century where there were philos who argued big problems in philos have been solved at this point But some would argue that there are some problems left to solveoYou cant solve all the problems of political philos as if it is a scienceIn addressing this Berlin says that what you need to understand is the problems of freedom and moral world are not technological problems and they are not tech because they are far far deeper than any tech problem and harder to solveoThis is what he wants to explainNegative freedomWe are most familiar withNegative does not mean bad thing that is left over when you take out objectNegative things means absence of not bad Berlin asks fundamental question which is why should I obey anyone else If you want to talk about freedom you should talk about when you arent free and when you are obeying someone and if I disobey on what grounds am I coercered if I dont go along with it To what degree and what endsCoercion big issue flip side of freedom Freedom is area within which people should be left to do without interference of others This is only negative concept of freedom as it relies on absence of interference In other words freedom is the space where coercion does not happen Berlin says freedom from coercionCoercion distinguish coercion from inabilityoWe are not unfree if we are simply unable to do something if we lack certain abilities This is not the same thing as coercion The blind are not unfree to readthey havent been unfreedoFreedom being interfered inability to change itNegative freedom requires absence of interference even at a social level if youre going to movies with friends and you dont bring x friend with you they feel oppressed and unfree but it was just the rest of you doing your thing Unfreedom world is full of people getting in our way take last cookie Coercion intentionally interfere and get in our wayIf freedom is the area where I am not interfered with that means to preserve my freedom we need to get into boundary drawing exercise and identify sphere
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