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Political Science
Catherine Frost

Foucaultpowerknowledge dynamicI know it when I see it Potter Supreme Court Justice Regarding child pornography when you have a different category to define how do you create knowledge about ithave a justice cast their eye over it and if they see it thats what it isAmerican wayanother way Canadian community standards someone declares whether it is considered impolite of the standards of the society you are in and use those standards to figure it outone of Foucault points the way we come to know things we have systems of ways of organizing things into knowledge based on structures of power social power the systems of power prevailing have structured it as porn this is what Foucault draws important truth is not a metaphysical set of forms rather truth is a product of the practices of power in our society that make certain knowledge have the effects of truth truth lowercase truth he is interested in he isnt interested in TRUTH because we cant get there we talk about how do we make a statement function as truth as what are the consequences of this statement being true The truth is a product and a function of institutional setting we find ourselves in things like science was being served for ideological functions once this happens there is a split into two one group saw it as terrible and needs to be fixed and go back to the true pursuit of truth Foucault represented the new stream who knows Im going to start looking at what happens what is the effect and power produced in this exchange all different types of disciplines organize themselves around truth psychiatry science more able to be used as a form of powersex deviancy medicine all of these are categories where truth is produced these very practices are categories where truth is produced in the very practices critical points where we produce truths about ourselves how we produce ourselves and know ourselves and capacities and potential and know what we should be doing with our livesrejection of metaphysics truth is from conditions hegel and Marx used history to help in theory of political theory if truth is produced in conditions of society and practices and we know they change over time what does this tell you Truth and knowledge change over timeas new set of conditions change truth changes accordingly It matters what conditions you are in ex go back in the time machine and you know what internet isthey dont that isnt truthdynamics of truth production of truth happens very much in our bodies biopolitics it is your very body and concept of self whether you are sane or insane these are products of dynamics of power and how we relate to them these dynamics become part of the structurethe subject as actor and recipient if there is no realm of truth we can set them aside we know truth is reduced in certain practices he looks at discourse and exchange and how we are physically organized into spaces for instance pan opticon physical organization of the body guarantees the obedient of prisoners indirect pattern can be organizing you and discipline you with your knowledge Foucault tells people to ease off fascination of oppression and ideology those things the problem with people who lecture you on ideology and repression is they are motivated for a world without oppression All truth functions this way look not for truth but at the effects of truth
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