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Political Science
Catherine Frost

OAKESHOTTCONSERVATISMCharacteristics of politicsA republican O conservative interesting commonality conservative roots in pragmatic practical approach it is almost methodological difference between left and right of spectrumwe talked with A about role of democracy should we really have everyone out there voting Do they really know what theyre doingstart with the idea that you can make politics better if people were better prepared for politicsthpolitical education we want to make politics better this is 20 C look at cold wars Stalinism we can do better than this but howupswing in universities lots of people are studying politics what is it that youre supposed to teach themhow the system workscreate their own opinions independent thinkingcritical thinkingideologyhistory of politicsPlato thought politics was like mathmath v cookingmathdialogue correct solution leads to rightwrong answerlawsformulasaxioms certain truthscertainty cookingput things together make sensegeneral formulas interpretationanswer can be either right or wrongexperiencetrial and errorimportant difference between math and cooking not only does math have the idea if you do math right you get a solution set of rules and laws you apply them and it works if you follow the rules the outcome will be what it is meant to beif we can do politics where we can figure out the laws isnt this the ideal Math is very appealing to peoplepolitics there has to be a right answerhow do you teach people With math or cookingO prefers cookingthink about it this way what helps you prepare to be a good mathematicianwhat is politicsdpeending on what you think it is determines how you will teach themunderstand politics as an activity and knowledge it comes uponO political activity is attending to general arrangements of a set of people whom chance or choice have brought together p 112starts the def politics is ATTENDING to arrangements something already going for a group of people who maybe choicechance put together
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