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Midterm Review part 1/2

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Political Science
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Catherine Frost

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NIETZSCHE AND END OF MORALITYWhat happens when all you know is gone Politics had the rug pulled under it God is DeadMetaphysics Dualism real v apparent worldDo you believe there are fundamental truths in the worldoN argues that God is dead and there is no metaphysical world that is holding deep concepts of things Problem is abstract have you ever seen true beautyTranscendent moralityIf you find a truth is it the same for all people at all times Valuesconcepts are context dependent if truth is made and not discovered you cannot have a transcendent moralityCartesian selfWe are all people we need to know if we are going to persecute the violator need to be sure it was the same person who did it ex transgenderedIn order to punish we assume the Cartesian selfCS fixed centre to our personalities in which actions originate Preexisting structures change our experiencesthese concepts are fundamental and crucial that forms the target that he takes the hammer toenlightenment misleading information and reality of informationofigure out universal truths and save people through rationalism and improve societyN demolishes all three concepts M TM CSoEffort to challenge values in society all about transcendence of values and creation of new valuesNietzsche announces God is DeadWhat if meaning is made and not discoveredoWhat colour is 7 what does blue smell likeMetaphysical hoax we add meaning to it but what happens when there is no meaningoMake meaning for yourself become a metaphysical artist build on grand scale structures of meaning you once looked forWill to powerAntisocial unacceptable behaviour that society has tried to stopdiscourageoSpiritual terrorism not a good personPlato ring of gyges what you do when you are alone is REAL morality we are at war with our own implusesYou are victim of your impulses and need to master your selfoChristian esthetics does a good job with this will and strengthWill of powercollapse of enlightenmentPhilosophy as VengeanceSocrates metaphysics life is no good he thinks his death was importantCreates dialectics to draw them in strip them of their certainty and believes in metaphysics he says justice is this set of valuesN believed S was weak and a degenerate who brought down the strong form of vengeance of nobles Three of four great errors1Error of confusing cause and consequenceaCausalty feels strong secure reliable a causes bbN we connect things too lightly socratic formula of happinessiReasonvirtuehappinesscDoes not make room for the fact that people just might do good things because they are good people2Error of false causalityaThings happen and we dont have reasons for them karma fatebUncomfortable truth life is random and meaninglesscTruthfalse causalityiEx Pearson Airport Baby3Error of imaginary causesaWhat we invent as the causebWe invented God pathetic and brilliant hoax on ourselvesciself help us explain what is happening in the world CSdno wonder later on he only rediscovered in things what he had put into themError of free willfree will creates conscience remorse you are held accountable for your actions and if you dont care now you will answer to Godwe are free to be punished and revenged so weak can bring down the strongin order to punish you you need to have free will to make that decisionimprovers of humanity there are no moral facts at allomorality is misinterpretation of certain phenomenal merely sign language or symptomatologyN argues we cannot handle not having structures Universities churches etcEducation as degenerationTake promising individuals and degenerate them and convince them to abandom their potential domesticateMakes them fit for public service produces slaves with aspirationsEducation makes you fit for world organized zoo and stay in cage if not lockedDiminishing nature become tame fearful good or moral
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