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1. The Atheltic Industry has come up with a new product that is meant to enhance muscle growth. They claim that by using this product (CeleMass) you will gain the arm strength you desire in just 2 weeks. However, after conducting many trials of an experiment, you conduct a t-test and find that the p value for this experiment to be p=0.055. Which of the following is true in regards to this product: a) the experiment showed statistical significance and showed that CeleMass is indeed a significant factor in rapid muscle growth b) there is 4.5% probability that the result was due to chance c) there is a 5.5% your hypothesis is correct d) there is a 5.5% probability that the result was due to chance and the results are statistically insignificant 2. As learned in the classical conditioning lectures the process of extinction involves which of the following a) the relationship between the CS and US is unlearned b) loss of CR when the CS no longer predicts the US. c) All of the Above 3. James and his friend Mike meet one day at the coffee shop. Mike asks James a question about his marital life, he answers by saying his marital life is going well and that things have never been better between he and his spouse. However James feels great distress and anger towards his spouse because of the constant flirting she is doing with others. James is using which of the following defense mechanisms a) projection b) reaction-formation c) rationalization d) displacement 4. Janice runs an experiment to test the effects of Tropicana orange juice on test performances for undergraduate students at Western University. In this example, please identify the Independent Variable and the Dependent Variable: a) IV: Tropicana orange juice consumption- DV: test performances b) IV: test performances- DV: Tropicana orange juice consumption c) DV: undergraduate students- IV: test performances d) IV: undergraduate students- DV: test performances 5. Which of the following is false in regards to the schools of thought involved in learning a) structuralists argued that the behaviourists were using unscientific methods and missing the point entirely b) the functionalists argued that structuralists were using unscientific methods and missing the point entirely c) Watson and the Behaviourists thought of the mind as a black box with input and output d) through functionalism came the school of thought of behaviourism 6. Meranda attends her best friends wedding at Miami Beach. She sees her best friend getting married to Jim. Meranda slaps Jim in the face and is directed out of the wedding by security guards. The day after the wedding, Meranda's best friend confronts her about this. However Meranda has no idea what she is talking about. This is an example of a) repression b) denial c) Projection d) Rationalization 7. Which of the following scenerios would strongly dispute the single-memory model in which all memories are kept: a) It is difficult to remember what you just read if loud and distracting hip-hop is playing in the background b) As a person creates more and more memories they are eventually unable to store any new memories c) It is easy to forget the concepts you just learned in the modules but difficult to forget something you have known for years d) A & C 8. Which of the following has the same median, mean and mode: a) 0,3,8,8,8 b) 1,3,5,5,7,9 c) 2,4,4,8,10 d) 1,3,3,3,6 9. Which of the following terms best matches with an escalation of the terms of an agreement after someone has already agreed and is seemingly irreversible: a) Foot-in-door Effect b) Central Effect c) Bystander Effect d) Low-Ball Technique 10. Which of the following are symptoms of an individual with positive Schizophrenia a) Lorry says to her best friend Celtis : today is warm outside. it is like a mothers hug with babies sitting on her lap, they are fruity things aren't they b) Mike has this weird movement, where his head bobbles and his feet jittre constantly c) Hansurberg gets in a serious motorcycle accident and is the only survivor. He gets out of the motorcycle and laughs at the two dead individuals on the ground d) None of the above 11. Sally wants to convince the average viewer at home watching T.V. that Loreal Shampoo is the best shampoo and that everyone should buy this brand. Sally is best off using which of the following a) centreal appeal b) peripheral appeal c) none of the above 12. Harold would like you to play his new video game and tells you it is the best game on the market and that you should tell all the others coming to his home to play the game the same thing. Which of the individuals will have the lowest dissonance when having to actually rate the game. a) an individual who does not get payed b) an individual who gets payed $100 c) a female who is payed $1.00 d) the male payed $1,000.00 13. Mark has been accused by his family and friends of stealing their money and has a very long history of using others. Mark has low arousal and can not control his desires; he follows his every whim. Mark is an outgoing individual, and his boss at Sony is in awe and surprise because Mark is usually a friendly and loving guy. According to the DSM, Mark would be diagnosed with: a) Borderline Personality Disorder b) Histrionic Personality Disorder c) Narcisistic Personality Disorder d) Antisocial personality disorder 14. Which of the following is true of social loafing a) it is a form of collective ignorance b) it is a form of diffusion of responsibility c) an example would be doing less work in your Psych 1XX3 project than your individual project d) B & C 15. A man is deeply wounded and lying in the middle of the road, however no one is helping the man, some people want to help but conclude since no one is helping that it might just be a prank played by some teenager. This is clearly an example of: a) diffusion of responsibility b) collective ignorance c) Dysthymia d) Negative symptoms of Schizephronia. 16. Fred has been doing questions preparing for the Psych Final for weeks. He does a Mock Exam in the morning and finds the exam to be very easy and concludes that everyone must feel the same way he does. However others being tested do not feel the same way as Fred. This is because Fred is falling victim to: a) Social Conformity b) Confirmation Bias c) Bystander Effect d) Illusion of the Expert 17. Which of the following best exemplifies deductive reasoning a) Molly sees cat litter and concludes that a cat must have been there b) Sanya uses a standardized formula to figure out how much interest she will have to pay for her OSAP c) an experimenter is collecting data so he can theorize about cognitive dissonance d) None of the above 18. Sam conducts an experiment to see the relationship between an individuals shoe size and his height. Sam recieves a correlation value of 0.8 on his experiment and concludes a) that larger shoe size causes one to be tall b) there is an inversly proportional relationsh
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