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Paul Faure

Psych 3A03 (Audition) Writing Assignment II (5% of total grade) Instructions 1. Use the McMaster University Library website and e-Journal portal to find and retrieve ONE of the articles listed below. a) Arthur, B. J., & Hoy, R. R. (2006). The ability of the parasitoid fly Ormia ochracea to distinguish sounds in the vertical plane. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 120, 1546. b) Leary, C. J., Edwards, C. J., & Rose, G. J. (2008). Midbrain auditory neurons integrate excitation and inhibition to generate duration selectivity: an in vivo whole-cell patch study in anurans. The Journal of Neuroscience, 28(21), 5481-5493. 2. Read the article and then write a short paper and answer the following questions. a) Purpose. What was the research question(s) being addressed (i.e. what specific hypothesis was tested)? Why did the authors conduct the study? (4 pts) b) Methods. What major research methods and techniques were employed by the authors to find answers to the question(s) under investigation? Certain specific details are not necessary (e.g. the concentration of a solution in an electrode) but if it is relevant to the research question being asked (e.g. the location in the brain) then it should be included. (4 pts) c) Results. What were the most important results of the article? What are the key pieces of evidence used to answer the research questions being asked? (Leary et al. 2008 reports a lot of results, simply describe how selectivity for each duration filter class is
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