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Louis A Schmidt

1. Within Bronfenbrenner’s bioecological approach, which system underlies each of his system levels and involves the way the passage of time, including historical events, affects children’s development? a) macrosystem b) microsystem c) chronosystem d) exosystem 2. Mary is researching the causes of alcohol use among post-secondary students, so she goes to live in a dorm for a month to observe students and conduct in-depth interviews. This is an example of what type of research? a) experimental b) participant observation c) case study d) survey research 3. Girls begin their growth spurt around age ____, while boys begin their growth spurt around age ____. a) 10; 12. b) 12; 10. c) 12; 14. d) 14; 12. 4. Though early maturation is largely a plus for boys, there are downsides. Which of the following is a downside to early maturation in a boy? a) the boy is more likely to have difficulties in school. b) the boy is likely to have difficulties in athletic competition due to a lack of general coordination following rapid growth. c) the boy is likely to be less popular. d) the boy is likely to demonstrate early maturity in his nonverbal cognitive development. 5. According to Health Canada, more than ________ Canadians are living with HIV, and _________ of those infected don’t know it. a) 2500; one in five b) 30 000; two thirds c) 65 000; one quarter d) 125 000; half 6. What is the “chicken or egg” challenge with respect to adolescent sexuality and media exposure? a) the media can serve as a “super peer”. b) young people are “empty vessels”. c) boys have access to much more pornography than in the past at younger ages. d) adolescents who are more “sexual” to begin with might be more drawn to sexual media. 7. What percentage of students in grades 10-12 self-identify as smokers? a) 2% b) 10% c) 26% d) 32% 8. Undersocialized delinquents grow up to be adults who a) demonstrate higher than average intelligence. b) are likely to lead a life of crime. c) have a high likelihood of being successfully rehabilitated. d) are likely to be easily incorporated into society. 9. Endocrine disrupting chemicals have various mechanisms of action. Which mechanism was proposed to explain the effect of DDT on children migrating from Turkey to Belgium? a) DDT inhibits the pituitary, little FSH and LH are secreted from the pituitary to the gonads, causing the feedback loop to communicate to the hypothalamus that more GnRH is needed. b) DDT
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