PSYCH 3AC3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Golden Fleece Award, Sociosexual Orientation, Libido

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Sex is often associated with shame, embarrassment, often repressed. But people find it interesting - reproduction, evolution, why life is and why we are the way we are. Kellogg - sex is horrible, prescribed circumcision + cereal. Freud - sex is the root of all problems, solution = have sex whenever you want, a strong superego would repress you sexually and lower sex drive. Kinsey - popular sex researcher, 40s and 50s, wrote about sexual preferences and behaviour. Golden fleece award - given to researchers who are researching something not worth while, sex researchers given this. Sexuality research has been found to not emotionally harm people, and make them feel that they are participating in worthwhile research. Deception is necessary in attracting participants, if advertised as sex research it will attract a certain type of person who wants to talk about their sex life = biased results (self- selection bias) Defining sex - more difficult than one may think.