PSYCH 3AG3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Visual Acuity, Midlife Crisis, Trait Theory

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We should see real cognition loss affects on driving: impairment on vision, reaction times. But driving creates a sense of independence and autonomy: cant just stop older people from driving. Very old drivers (80+) are: one of the most likely age groups to be involved in accidents, the most likely age group to die in accidents. Data show that old adults are not significantly more likely to crash until 80+, and teen drivers are more likely to have accidents than 80+ However there is the highest mortality rate in older adults. Relationship to intersections: intersection is the most common spot for accidents to happen (vs. driveway and other) High in all age groups, but highest in older adults. Older adults have bigger problem with right-of-way violations, traffic signal errors, and left turns. Younger drivers have more errors with excessive speed. Accident causation: younger drivers risky driving behaviors, older drivers errors of perception or judgment.

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