PSYCH 3CC3 Study Guide - Law Enforcement Agency, Arnould Locard, Distant Relatives

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Forensic sciences (a-z: anthropology, victim identification from bones race, male/female, age, facial reconstruction, biology: botany, entomology, chemistry: analysis of substances, engineering: accident reconstruction, fire/explosion analysis, medicine: pathology, odontology, toxicology, meteorology, accounting. 44 bce: first forensic autopsy conducted on julius caesar by roman physicians antistius. 1000: roman attorney quintilian argues that bloody palm prints are an attempt to frame him. 1250: chinese text describes how to distinguish death by drowning by death by strangulation. 1575: french surgeon, ambriose tardieu, publishes first text on forensic science and legal medicine. 1813: mathieu orfila, father of modern toxicology" published first toxicology text: traite de poison . 1829: sir robert christison publishes treatise on poisons english standard for many years. 1855: ambriose tardieu notes petechial haemorrhages (burst eye blood vessels) in asphyxia: however it is possible to die by asphyxiation but not show petechial haemorrhages and vice versa. 1863: first test for blood discovered hydrogen peroxide.

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