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Religious Studies
Stephen Westerholm

Tutorial 7: Discipleship and Community Weekly Questions 1) John’s gospel does not contain the saying attributed to Jesus in Mark 10:33-44 but it does make the same point.. in what way does it do so? - First shall be last, last shall be first idea (fairly prevalent in synoptic gospels) - To replace this in John: Foot washing is a good example of serving and loving outwardly which leads to a faith relationship - John 12:24-26: idea of a servant relationship, but a mutuality (foot washing) - When love is self-directed an individual cannot serve others while the one who puts others first is like a dying seed – self sacrificial way that leads to new growth, metaphor of grain growing 2) Jesus speaks of commandment to love one another as new. In what respect is it new? - Sense of mutuality, love goes back and forth - In John’s gospel, in 13:34, told to love one another whereas in matthew 22:39, (love commandment), to love neighbour as you love yourself – quitation of Leviticus 19:18 - Still a self direction in these other verses, whereas here is very much kept as love one another - Loving one another without recourse of thinking of loving oneself which makes it new - Love others like Jesus loved us through the service of his death - Love for the other for loving one another 3) …Community organization left open.. Why do you think this is so? - Some sense that even if he doesn’t necessarily know the synoptic gospels, there is a sense of things already around, doesn’t need to teach a lot about them but simply refer to them and move on  faith focus - Worship and relationship is not localized – God’s presence in the community without definite recourse to a specific place or set rituals - There for a purpose but the main point is the faith and mutuality which is the important part of the community interaction for John - Call to love and sacrifice and witness under the leadership of Jesus - Jesus is the one who is the focus when talking about leadership - Father and son at the head, after that is the community - Both baptism and the Lord’s supper fall under the rubric of following Jesus in keeping faith at their primary levels of meaning 4) Why is the message of John’s gospel necessarily universal? - Idea that Jesus is the ONLY way, exclusive to gospels - But meant to be universal – all people have to come to Christ, only was for people to move away from human alienation that precedes Jesus in the gospel of John - Even the disciples at the last supper show signs of the human condition - Just like in Mark, we wind up with disciples being the ‘how not to do things ‘ – continually getting things wrong, tool for Jesus to give further teachings - Jesus speaks of the ‘other sheep’  gospel of John is focused on Jewish groups at the beginning, so Jesus says speaking to Jewish crowds that there are other sheep to hear his voice (10:16) What is discipleship? - Disciple: believing in Christ, following his commands, spreading the gospel… - A disciple is someone who learns under a teacher - Terms used to the point that they’re almost inaccessible but at the root of this term – disciples means those who will learn to do something - Jesus is the teacher, he has his group of disciples through whom we get many teachings - Discipleship is to look at two questions: o What impact has Jesus had on you? o What is he calling you to do? - A disciple is someone who learns how to follow Jesus, looks to follow the teachings Jesus has given - Overarching theme: sacrificial love o eg. Example of grain of wheat  Grain of wheat dies before it’s able to bring any fruit  Idea of bearing fruit is important for early Christians – where do they see areas of growth in the community – comes back to service and self sacrifice o Example of foot washing – the most overt example  Jesus shows what following him and his teachings actually looks like  Actually results in serving one another, even the one at the very head, the only real leader, is serving those around him  Thing only a slave would do in most s
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