RELIGST 1B06 Study Guide - Final Guide: Haredi Judaism, Worship God, Mishnah

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The first noble truths: way to achieve enlightenment: all life entails suffering, the cause of suffering is desire, removing desire removes suffering, the way for removing desire/suffering is to follow the eight fold path. The dao: the mysterious power that moves the universe and all beings. Section 1: the dao that can be described language is not the constant dao: the name that can be given it is not its constant name. Hadith: the name given to the vast collection of deeds and sayings indeed the sunnah of the prophet. Second only to the qur"an in term of its authority. The report of each saying or deed is accompanied by a chain of transmission (isnad) in order to confirm its authenticity. Al-bukhari collected the hadith (devoted his life) Great importance to the umma since although muhammad is not to be reversed his example is one to be emulated.