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McMaster University
Social Sciences
Geraldine Voros

Social science 2P03March172014DrMurrys article on infatuation and loveGirls grade 912 down shift their aspiration4 major points to consideroAdults to discount adolescence to be in love puppy loveoDiscount their feelings as adults to really comfort our selvesGives sense of control if we believe that this cohort is too young to experience loveJoin adolescence and guide them they are not too young to experience feelingsMaybe we are in denial because it is a big responsibilityWe need to communicate to daughters that they need to prepare to know they can experience these peoples and there are predatory boys out thereTo teach them appropriate relationship with appropriate feelingsWe are so saturated with romanceoYou should how young men treat his mother or waitress at a restaurant Those are characteristic that will be shown way laterShe addresses when you know who you are thats what you want to present to a potential partner not half of you Two full welldeveloped person come together for better relationship and lifeWe have to look criticallyoif can not be out of control feeling Love is choice olove at first sight cannot happen It is lust Not a short term feeling It is a long term feelingInfatuation sense of initial excitement and romance and urgency Not feeling of mature love oDangerous out of control oFriends and family should teach try to step back and see
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