SOCIOL 2C06 Study Guide - Final Guide: Philosophy Of Science, Sexology, Erving Goffman

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17 Apr 2016

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Week 14 deviant careers: metaphors of mulistoried building & elevator. Signiicance of metaphor a walk in the woods . 3 step process in becoming a mj user & signiicance of. Week 14 deviant careers: adler & adler becoming elite drug dealer & smuggler. Grandmas smoking pot youtube video: week 15 developing a deviant idenity how ind develops dev id. 7 stage model of deviant id career/not linear. Week 15 developing a deviant idenity deviant id & tatoos. Early history of sailors, eu aristocracy, subcultures, class. Commitment to convenion & sigma management how this process negoiated. Status anxiety: week 16 vocabularies of moive, what they are. Jusiicaions how protect from blame: week 16 vocabularies of moive. Don"t need to know study itself: week 17 managing a deviant idenity & sigma, what sigma involves, gofman & spoiled idenity. Discredited & discrediing sigmas: what each is, disincion between types of management pracices.

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