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SOCIOL 2TA3 Study Guide - Fall 2018, Comprehensive Midterm Notes - Slavery, Quran, God In Islam

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Fall 2018

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Lakat Takim
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Fall 2018
Lecture One
- The first successor to Mohammad was Abu Bakr
- Term Shia  means to follow, Ali was son in law of Mohammad
- As Islam expanded, went into Africa, 711 they emerged into Spain
- Islam in Africa is different than in Malaysia is different based on the cultural influences around
them, blacks were more educated than the whites
- Timbuktu  there were at least 25000 graduates that stemmed from here during the medieval
- Mystics of Islam (the Sufis)  they tried to create a special connection to God, absorb local
culture into Islam, including music for example was accepted
- Wherever they went, they brought knowledge from
- Learning is encouraged in the Quran, seek knowledge
- In the early periods, Muslims excelled in the sciences  the works of many early theorists, were
transferred over to the West by Muslims, words brought over that have a source coming from
Muslims includes Algebra, Algorithm
- Around 16 and 18 century, slaves were brought over to America, 10% of these slaves were
Muslims, this was found out through the registry that was set up
- Ten million slaves were brought over at that time
- Kunta Kinte  one of the Muslim slaves brought from West Africa
- Islam is a public religion, in regards to the prayers five times a day, fasting, dietary restrictions,
hijab, building mosques (in order to ensure that the generations after have a source of Islam)
- In some cases, they were forcibly converting Christians
- Muslim slaves sometimes had to marry non-Muslim women since there were not enough
Muslim women at that time, caused a decline in Muslims for the generation after
- Many Muslims also went back to Africa
- Gettysburg  in 1865, Abe Lincoln made an announcement to abolish slavery in America
- There were very few Muslim immigrants coming from America, as a result Islam wasn’t very
wide spread across America during that time
- Estevan  came on a ship from Spain but he was originally from Morocco in 1517 in Florida, he
was an early Muslim
- Self-signification  to defy oppression, preserve your own identity, do not give in to oppression,
for slaves it meant to take pride in their Islamic and African identity
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find more resources at
- In many cases, the slaves were more literate than their white masters, so they would train each
other on the Quran
- The slave masters would mix the slaves from different tribes and because of the language
barriers, it made it difficult to communicate
- Some of them tried to create their own groups, they were connected by Islam, many were
literate and they challenged the idea of white supremacy
- Umar Bin Sa’id  was captured in jail in North Carolina, kept as a house servant,
- Yacoub Sulemain (Job Solomon)  lived between 1700 and 1773  his letter was translated in
Oxford University, pleading to be released from slavery, tried to escape and was imprisoned,
- Ibrahima lived between 1762 and 1825, he was a prince, went to Timbaktu to practice and learn
islam, he was captured in Africa and sold into slavery by fellow Africans, he ended up in
Mississippi in 1788. He married a black women and had nine children, he pretended to be
Christian so that they would release him
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find more resources at

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