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THEATRE AND F ILME XAM P REP Unity (Play) Production Elements: Lighting: • Focused attention on the area of the stage the audience was supposed to focus on • Lighting established the mood of the play • When Beatrice was dreaming it was typically darker so the audience was aware something was different, or not real • When Hart was alone he was always in the dark because he was blind so the audience was put in his perspective for a bit • After Beatrice kissed Hart the stage lit up brighter than ever and that meant something had changed within the characters Costume: • Established the year • Established roles • Stan was dressed in overalls which suggested he was a farmer • Michael was dressed in plaid, jeans, and suspenders which suggested he worked outdoors • Glen and Hart were dressed in their army uniforms to establish their role in the play • Hart was given a medal while Glen was not which suggested the roles they had in the war off stage as well • Beatrice, Mary, and Sissy wore colourful dresses which suggested they didn't do much other than knit, or bake • Sunna wore pants in neutral colours suggesting she worked • The chorus wore historically accurate neutral costumes to help them blend into the background • When the masks were worn by everyone it represented fear and death • When the masks were worn by people before the flu hit Unity it represent the imminent arrival of the plague Set Design • Simple • A table on either side of the stage, both used for entirely different purposes • Old chairs • Old water jugs • Neutral, or dark colours • Wood, mostly Sound • Crying baby after the mother dies and Stan doesn't know what to do • Phones ringing, as the play progressed they rang more and more to represent urgency • Chorus singing creepy, emotional music during times of importance • Train sounds representing someone leaving or entering Acting Style • Mary acted calm until Richard died and she got sick, but presumably before everything happened she had a calm demeanour • Beatrice was optimistic and always hoped for the best, she had a soft voice • Sissy was very rambunctious, she was opinionated and loud, talked at inappropriate times, said the wrong things often • Michael came across as stupid, but sweet • Hart was mellow, didn't have much to do because of his blindness, funny character though • Sunna was mean, she was very stern and serious - she evolved through the play and seemed to become less secluded. Her facial expressions added to her serious demeanour. • Stan was slouched over through the play, which represented his hard life put a lot of strain on him T HE H ARVEST -- ANJULA PADMANABHAN PLOT: Om Prakash agrees to sell unspecified organs through InterPlanta Services, INC to a rich person in first-world for a small fortune. InterPlanta and the recipient's are obsessed with maintaining Om's health and invasively control the lives of Om, his mother Ma, and wife Jaya in their one-room apartment. The recipient, Ginni, periodically looks in on them via a videophone and treats them condescendingly. Om's diseased brother Jeetu is taken to give organs instead of Om. Characters: Donors: Om o Twenty, has been laid off from his job as a clerk o Bread-earner for his small family o Anxious Jaya o Om's wife o Thin and haggard, looks older than nineteen o Passionate and spirited Ma o Om's mother o Sixty, stooped, scrawny, and crabby o Wido Jeetu o Om's younger brother o Seventeen o Wiry and conscious of his body o Works as a male prostitue o Easy-going o Likeable Bidyut Bai o An elderly neighbour o Timid and self-effacing Guards and Agents: Guards o Group of three commando like characters o Bear the same relationship to each other wherever they appear o Guard 1 is the leader, military bearing, 40 yo o Guard 2 is a young woman, unsmiling and efficient o Guard 3 is a male clone of guard 2 o Only Guard 1 interacts with donors Agents o Space age delivery people o Roles are interchangeable with the guards -- though it must be clear that they do not belong to the same agency Receivers: Ginni o Epitome of an American-style youth goddess Virgil o Never seen o American cigarette commercial accent -- rich, smoky, attractive and rugged G LOBALIZATION ANDC OLONIALISM --COLONIALISM DOMINANCE OF OTHER NATIONS BY FORCE  --G LOBALIZATION  INFLUENCE OTHER NATIONS THROUGH MARKET FORCE  C ULTURAL DOMINANCE THROUGH CONSUMERISM CENTRAL M ETAPHOR  A COMPANY HARVEST ENTIRE BODIES FROM THIRD WORDONORS 'TO EXTEND THE LIVES OF WESTERNERS  --SET IN THE FUTUR,BUT RELATED TO THE PRESENT  A CTUAL TRADE IN HUMAN ORGANS  M ETAPHOR FOR THE INFLUENCE OF GLOBAL CAPITALISMINDIAN CULTURE  C ENTRAL DEAS  G LOBAL MARKETS AND TEHNOLOGY -- ARVEST AS A STORY OF CANNIBALISM IN A WORLD OF MARKETS  F RAGMENTATION OF EXPERIENCE  C ONTROL OF DISTRIBUTION  D ESIRE FOR CONSUMER GOODS  G LOBAL COMMUNICATION AND SURVEILLANCE  D EVALUATION OF LOCAL CULTURES  S LAVERY ANDE XPLOITATION  J EETU EXPLOITS HIS BODY THROUGH SEXUAL LABOUR  O M HAS SOLD HIS BODY AND IS THEREFORE A SLAVE  J EETUS NEW EYES  V ISION OF WESTERN PROSPERITY TIED UP IN THE IMAGE OF A BE,BLONDE ,NAKED WOMAN  L ITERALLY GIVES HIMSELF UP TO THIS D--SACRIFICES MADE FOA MERICADREAM ?  R ESISTANCE  J AYA CUTS OFF THE GLOBAL INFLUENCE OF WEST BY DESTROYING THE COMMUNICATION MODULE C LOUD N INE -- ARYL CHURCHILL PLOT: ACT ONE: Set in the Victorian era. Clive, a British colonial administrator, lives with his family, a governess and servant during turbulent times in Africa. The natives are rioting and Mrs Saunders, a widow, comes to them to seek safety. Her arrival is soon followed by Harry Bagley, an explorer. Clive makes passionate advances to Mrs Saunders. Betty fancies Harry. Harry secretly has sex with the servant Joshua, and Clive's son, Edward. The governess Ellen, who reveals herself to be a lesbian, is forced into marriage with Harry after his sexuality is discovered and condemned by Clive. Act 1 ends with the wedding celebrations; the final scene is Clive giving a speech while Joshua is pointing a gun at him. Act Two: Act 2 is set in 1979. Some of the characters of Act 1 reappear. Only 25 years have passed. Betty has left Clive, her daughter Victoria is now married to an overbearing man named Martin, and Edward has an openly gay relationship with Gerry. Victoria, upset and distant from Martin, starts a lesbian relationship with Lin. Gerry leaves Edward. Edward discovers he is in fact bisexual and moves in with his sister and Lin. The three of them have a drunken ceremony in which they call up the Goddess. Act 2 has a looser structure than Act 1, and Churchill played around with the ordering of the scenes. The final scene shows that Victoria has left Martin for a ménage à trois with Edward and Lin, and they are sharing custody of their son Tommy. Gerry and Edward are on good terms again, and Betty becomes friends with Gerry, who tells her about Edward's sexuality CHARACTERS : CLIVE o COLONIAL ADMINISTRATOR o BELIEVES SEX ROLES ARE CLEARLY DEFINED AND REFUSES TO ACCEPT OTHERWISE o EXPECTS EDWARD TO BE JUST AS MASCULINE AS HIMSELF o STRUGGLES TO KEEP HIS FAMILY PROPER AND INTACT o R ACIS,BELIEVESA FRICAN NATIVES TO BE SAVAGES THAT CAN ONLY BE TAMED BY HIS FIRM BRITISH DISCIPLINE o C HEATS ON BETTY--HYPOCRITE o O THER CHARACTERS DEFINE THEMSELVES BASED ON THEIR RELATIONSHIP WCTLIVE o SYMBOL OF ACT 1S THEME -OPPRESSION o R EPRESENTS THE COLONIAL OPPRESSION OF THBRITISHEMPIRE INAFRICA,AS WELL AS THE SEXUAL OPPRESSION THAT DEFINED SOCIAL INTERACTIONS IN VICTORIAN ERA o H IS STATUS DEPRECATES o H IS FAMILY SPIRALS OUT OF CONTROL AS THEY BEGIN TO ACT ON THEIR OWN SEXUAL DESIRES o N OT IA CT2 BECAUSE HE ISDEAD "TO THEN EW W ORLD BETTY o FOCUS OF THE PLAY AS A WHOLE o JOURNEY FROM SUBSERVIENCE TO INDEPENDENCE o C LIVS WIFE,BUT LEAVES HIM IACT 2 o PLAYED BY A MAN IA CT1 o SPENDS MOST OF HER TIME CONFUSED AND INCAPABLE OF MAKING DECISIONS o R ELIES ENTIRELY OCLIVE TO PROVIDE HER WITH DIRECTION o D OES NOT VALUE HERSELF AS A WOMAN o INA CT2 SHE IS PLAYED BY A WOMAN o EVOLVES INTO PROTAGONIST o FINDS INDEPENDENCE INTRIGUIN,BUT FRIGHTENING o BEING A MOTHER IS THE ONLY THING THAT KEEPS HER SANE o FAR MORE LIBERATED IA CT2 o M ORE IN TOUCH WITH HER FEMINI?Y JOSHUA o C LIVS SERVANT o H ONEST,RELIABLE,AND DUTIFUL o B LACK--PLAYED BY A WHITE MAN o A PPEARS TO BE THE PERFECT SERVANT o B ETRAYS HIS PEOPLE TO BE WITCLIVE o A NGER FERMENTS o H E IS LOYAL ONLY FOR PERSONAL GA,AND HIS LOYALTY STOPS WHEN HIS REAL FAMILY IS THREATENED EDWARD o C LIVE ANDBETTY'S SON o P LAYED BY A WOMAN INACT 1 o LARGELY DEFINED BY HIS FATHE'S OPPRESSION o G ENDER MISMATCH o A T A YOUNG AGE HE DISCOVERS A PROCLIVITY FOR FEMININE THINGS AND AN ATTRACTION TO OTHER MALES o K EEPS HIS YEARNINGS IN CHECK FOR FEAR OF UPSETTING HIS CONSERVATIVE FATHER
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