SLGY 2265 Midterm: Sociology 2265 Midterm 1

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Economic control in canada is extremely concentrated. In canada, media, banking and oil are some of the highest concentrated o sectors. Transnational connections link our economy to other economy"s around the world. Government sometimes encourages canadian business by imposing trade restrictions on foreign goods, while on the other hand will sometimes encourage foreign investment by offering incentives through tax reductions. Has the government"s involvement in canada"s economy become excessive? o o . Conflict bewtween the working class and the capitalist class is a key feature in capitalism (experiences lie in alienation) Believed that capitalism created the conditions of class formation and class power for workers to act to eliminate the source of their distress (to unify and create a sense of solidarity to eliminate skill differences) Division of labour to lead to organic solidarity. Self-employment (farming and agricultural labour forces, real estate) fell. Self employment fluctuates according to the fortunes on the industries.