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Chapter 1

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SOC 203
Tonya Davidson

Chapter 1-Corporate Concentration, Foreign ownership, state involvement in Canadian economy • John Porter’s research gave evidence on the high concentration of economic ownership and control • Main conclusion was that fewer than 200 corporations controlled by governing boards comprising 1000 individual directors dominated much of Canada’s economic power. • Wallace Clements- “Canada’s Corporate Elite” • By the 1970s, economic control in Canada will be more concentrated than Porter said, (predicted only 113 instead of 200 companies) • William Carol says that by 1990’s, Canadian corp. elite or “dominant stratum” included only 426 people interlocking system of enterprises @ top of Canada’s corporate structure. • The concentration of economic power continues to grow high with small group of powerful, often interconnected and mainly private sector corps at centre of Canada’s ownership structure. • “Conglomerates” or “holding companies” control interrelated sets of large and diverse business. • 2 other principal components integral to Canada’s economic structure are foreign- owned private businesses and the role of government or state Concentration of Corporate Ownership • There is high level of centralization in Canada in the past o The largest 25 enterprises accounted for more than 41% of all corp. assets in 1987 o Family based enterprises control 2 of the top 20 corporations in Canada o Between
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