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Classical Studies
CLST 201
Margaret Erskine

Roman Part 2 Dignitas (Prestige) + Auctoritas (Authority) - At all costs and by any means infront of their peers Optimates (the best men) vs. Populares (the men of the people) at the end of chapter 5 - Optimates (conservative, established) controlled the administration of the state and the senate - Populares (ambitious politicans)they were drawn from a minority faction of the senate. They became leaders of the discontented. They were political representaives of those segments of Roman society unsatisfied with the existing status quo. They were leaders of the urban poor, military veterans, and Rome’s Italian allies. Most used reform adgenda to further their own political careers. - This mirrored the much earlier struggle of the orders (pats vs. plebs) - Major difference in this struggle, both were from the same senatorial mobility - Social orders the same - Their methodology differed - Affected the whole Roman world - Gaius Marius (157-86BC)one of the leader of the populares - He was a new man (novus homo), who became consul in 107 BC and held office six more times. 7 times consul - Capable military commander Transalpine Gual- 8 roman province 121 BC Jugrthine War- named after Rome’s enemy Jugurtha 112-105 BC Masinissa, king of Mumidia in north Africa Miscipsa : 2 sonfs, adopted Jugurtha 112BC Cirta- Jugurtha besieged the town of Cirta. This caused a public outcry in Rome and the senate declared war of Jugurtha Quintus Caecilius Metellus took command in Africa Gauis
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