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Global Development Studies
DEVS 100
Richard Day

DEVS100 - Final Exam Second Semester Lectures Notes Blue = Important discourses/concepts Red = Important people WEEK 3 - Settler-Indigenous Relations Solidarity - saying that I stand beside you as you stand against an oppressive Other - this is not charity - this risks privilege (privilege meaning whiteness, maleness, richness, etc.) - these are both individual and collective components (what one does or does not do as both and individual and as part of a group) Critical Indigenous Discourse - Settler Canada was created, and is maintained, through the denigration of Native peoples, theft of their land, and attempted destruction of their cultures - Discourses of colonization are legal discourses - This can be seen through ‘development’ via physical and cultural genocide The ‘Salt Water Thesis’ - This thesis says that Canada has no history of colonialism (internationally, that is) - Although we may have no history of international colonialism, our colonialism has occurred domestically (there is a body of ‘salty water’ between those who are different
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