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GNDS125 Exam Short Answers

Gender Studies
Course Code
GNDS 120
Susan Wilcox
Study Guide

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1. Difference between Gender and sex and gender, important to
feminist movement
- Gender is socially constructed
- Sex is biological
- Disrupting old beliefs about gender, trying to establish equality
beliefs for all genders, and transgender. Sex does not automatically
mean gender and they were trying to change this ideology.
2. Two sexes are not enough
- there are more than just two sexes, transgender is now more
- not just male, not just female, variations of both
- sex is constructed
3. hegemonic masculinity and the role of homophobia
Article masculinity as homophobia
Reasoning behind manhood, not living up to label
Men afraid of men
Prove themselves to be real men
- multiple forms of masculinity compete for status
- homosexuals are less “masculine” males compete for superiority and
dominance over “feminine” males
- “homophobia” inferior, masculinity, superior
4. White privilege
- unearned advantages of cultures
- dominant groups over others
- white privilege and 3 pillar structure
- slavery capitalism, black women used as commodities by white
- genocide / colonialism battle for land, white privilege want
dominance over land
- orientalism / war white privilege is threatened by other races
5. race, racism, Racialization
(power and privilege)
- racism discrimination of other races
- Racialization process of creating a racial identity
- race common ancestry
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