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HIST124 December Exam Breakdown

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HIST 124
Steven J Maynard

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Exam Review Tuesday, November 26, 2013. Essay #2 - Book critique on the environmental history of Stanley Park - Environmental issues prominent in our day and in the Canadian historical profession - Environmental history is one of the biggest branches of history at the moment - Nature as natural, not as natural, but as a historical construction - How to think about something not normally regarded as having a history - "Inventing Stanley Park: An Environmental History" Exam is on December 13th @ 9AM - 3 hour exam - Jeffrey 128 (5B) - /100 Marks 2 PARTS PART 1 (40 MARKS) - Identify term/expression/name and write about its historical significance - Must choose 4 out of 6 - 10 marks each - Between 150-175 words each (approx. half a page single spaced) - Paragraph/short answer format (not bullets) - Don't spend a lot of time on the identifying part - Spend the bulk of your time and space explaining the historical significance(s) - Keep pushing - Answers judged on overall statement, clarity, context, etc. - Use quotes (ex. "two nations warring within the bussom of one state") - Based primarily upon lecture material EXAMPLE: Lord Durham - ID: governor general of British North America in 1838-9 - Author of a famous report known as the Durham report - Significance: - In the report, he advocated for responsible government (…and?) - Explain - Suggested that Upper and Lower Canada be joined (why?) - How did he
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