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HIST 245
Ana Siljak

HIST 245 ReadingsShaw Russias Geographical Environment4 major environmental zones tundra forest foreststeppe steppeTravel and expansion by waterways The Revolution of Peter the Great Russian and Soviet History 2531Emergence of modern bureaucratic state with no fundamental reordering of societyCultural revolution founds St Petersburg in 1703Created high society decimalized coinage standardized language supported science medicineMemoirs of Princess DashkovaFriend of Catherine the Great helped her become EmpressMemoirs of Catherine the Great1753 details life at court Masks and Masquerades Russian and Soviet History 3450Elizabeth took power through coup dtat while wearing a mask o Asked people if they knew who she was became an official testMasquerades held to mock political enemies and Empress Anna who loved masqueradesElizabeth saw no line between public and private life she was fully empress and natural rulerInstruction to the Legislative Commission of 1767Catherines Proposals for a New Law Code were very liberal used language of Enlightenment o Liberty is what one ought to do and not being made to do what one ought not doDecree on Serfs serfs must be absolutely obedient or are deported Up from Serfdom Nikitenko Life of a serf from 18041824 described difficulties of growing up a serf o Problems getting higher education living conditions personal relationsAndrei Bolotov Russian and Soviet History 6678Nobleman under Catherine II enlightened seigneur landowner o Used Petrine rationalism and a moral code the idea of noble selfimprovemento Reasserted patriarchy and believed in pastoral blissEnlightened seigneurism rarely worked because peasants indifferent nobles too prejudiced The Decembrist Pavel Pestel in Russian and Soviet History 121132Decembists wanted to abolish autocracy split into Northern and Southern societiesPestel led South wrote that those against reform were monstersCharged and convicted of intent to assassinate the royal family as the first step to revolution o Executed many thought he went too far ahead of his time House of the Dead Dostoyevsky Story of a man sent to a Siberian prison and his experiences thereBased on Dostoyevskys experiences after being exiled as part of Petroshevsky trial
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