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HLTH 101 Mid-term notes 2011

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Health Studies
HLTH 101
Elaine Power

Malcolm Gladwell magic moment when an idea trend or social behavior crosses a threshold tips and spreads like wildfireideas behavior messages and products sometime behave like infectious diseasesocial epidemics in terms of human population we are in exponential growth his point is that for years nothing happened in population growth than with one person standing out for change everything changes and like the example in Tunisia everything changed when one meant lit himself on fire to make a difference Principles of Social EpidemicsoThey are contagious behaviorsoThey are little changes that have such a huge effect on peopleoThese changes happen in a huge rush and very fast once the tipping point has been reached Tipping pointWe are at several tipping points in change Environmental economicfinancial governmentpoliticsdemocracy religious institutions human sufferingSociology According to Allan G Johnson the forest and the trees The study of individuals and society and how they are related to each other The one think that sociology offers that is different from what other aspects offer is that we are focusing on something that is larger than ourselvesIn order to see something bigger we nee to understand it better Some sociologist see the discipline as a descriptive one Others see it as a normative discipline prescriptiveConcerns how things should be how they ought to be rather than how they actually are Public Health A normative field of study and profession Concerns on how things should be how they out to be rather than how the actually are The goal of the field of public health to improve the heath of the whole population Normative disciplines Are profoundly moral in the deep and broad sense of seeking the essence of who we are as human being and as society Seek to understand human suffering and social injustice in order to alleviate it need systematic ways to undertand problems There are alternative ways or organizing ourselves a better world is possibleAllan G Johnsons words We need to change things in order to fix it We have to get the route of the problem we can not just look at the surfaceOther ways to improve our healthReduce povertyReduce income inequalityImprove opportunities for higher education Reduce homelessnessReduce racism and discrimination Reduce gender inequalityIndividualism A what of thinking that encourages us to explain the work in terms of what goes on inside individuals and nothing elseSociety is just a collection of individuals
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