POLS 110 Study Guide - Final Guide: Harm Principle, Social Democracy, Feudalism

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Pols 110a lectures 5 and 6 (week 3) intro to concepts: power. All should be govern (be involved in legislation) Rulers accountable to the representation of the ruled. Rulers chosen by representatives of the ruled. Rulers should act in interests of the ruled. Last 3 can be undemocratic as there are no provisions for rulers to be removed. Only possible because a large number of people were excluded from lottery. Hierarchical rule in the middle ages (monarchs and religious leaders) Early entrepreneurial class based on occupation and investment. New class of capitalists made demands for representation and influence. Liberalism: rationality (not genetics) as a basis for rule property = sign of reason security of property freedom (individualism) progress through reason government a consequence of contract. Democracy: free thought, speech, press majority rule equality in voting protection of freedoms legal entitlement fair electoral system with choices.

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