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500,000 elected officials in the us (governors, mayors, etc) Down ballot races, the election affects other elected officials. 2 lecture sessions a week featuring campaign updates and how to talk (politics) like an american to introduce you to the slang/lexicon of american political language no tutorials. 2 special class discussion sessions in the 2nd half of the course, 2 weeks of class divided in half for meetings/discussions. No question week 1, purpose is to point us towards important sources and to keep us engaged in the class. 2 short online quizzes incentive to do readings, 10 questions. Road to the white house 2016, stephen j. wayne. The continued status of united states as a superpower. Multi faceted power; military (size, budget), diplomatic, economic, technological and. It affects our world even if we don"t live there. Two of the most unpopular candidates to run ever. At least 2 years before the official start. Clinton started prepping right after the 2012 election.

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