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POLS 262 Final: POLS262 Study Guide

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Political Studies
POLS 262
Wayne S Cox

POLS262 Weekly Study Guide Week 1 and 2: Introduction to International Political Economy The beginning of IPE begins after International relations International relations: Great power dominate IPE: involves knowing the details of countries and ties together economics and politics, consisting of the entire transformation of world politics The Evolution of International Relations: Paradigms and Debates The State: Key actor in world politics (IR and IPE) Central unit of analysis Represents: o Population o Territory o International recognition o Government Nation: Group of people who have the following characteristics o Shared history o Similar language o Share culture Different than a multinational state (like Canada) The Peace of Westphalia created a state system o Most powerful states are nationstates Mix of both factors Have a nationality A European idea o The Peace of Westphalia was the end of European history of religious war o Westphalia created the idea of a secular state (non religious) o Secularism is a western idea Hegemony: Overwhelming political actor US is hegemonic actor in world politics Power and influence of global affairs International Political Economy View of world politics in which economic power is political power and that there are consequences State is an important actor Sometimes firms (GM, Toyota) are even more important than state actors o Economic actors greatly affect and influence world politics
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