PSYC 100 Study Guide - Final Guide: Categorical Perception, Bound And Unbound Morphemes, Phoneme

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Week 12: describe the differences between language and communication. a) Identify the three key properties of human language. Semanticity: extent language can use symbols to transmit meaningful messages. Generativity: ability to communicate almost any idea with little vocabulary. This ability allows one to combine the words/symbols of a language using composition rules and syntax (making sentences from words/phrases). Displacement: ability to use language to convey messages not tied to immediate context. Instead to communicate info about events in the past/ future/ at some other location: describe the components of language: phonemes, morphemes, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics. Phonemes: basic distinctive speech sounds in a language; distinguish one word (e. g. , rice) from another (lice) and combine to form morphemes. Morphemes: smallest unit of meaning in a language. Syntax: the syntax or syntactical rules of a language determine how we combine words to form phrases and sentences.

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