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Christopher Bowie

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Chapter 6 SomatoformDissociative Disorders Somatoform disorders overly preoccupied with healthbody appearance No identifiable medical condition causing the physical complaints 1 Hypochondriasis physical complaints without a clear cause Severe anxiety focused on the possibility of having a serious diseasebelief that it is a serious chronic disease can differentiate it from PDStrong disease convictionMedical reassurance does not seem to helpAnxietyMood disorders are frequently comorbid to hypochondriasisa Preoccupation with fears of having or idea that one has a serious disease based on misinterpretation of symptomsb Preoccupation persists despite medical evaluationreassurance c Belief is not delusionalnot restricted a circumscribed concern about appearanced Clinically significant distress e Duration at least 6 monthsEX headache is a brain tumor minor chest pain is a heart attack etc Individuals who fear developing a disease and therefore avoid situations they associate with contagion are different from those who are anxious they actually have the disease Illness phobia fear of developing a disease Individuals with high disease conviction are more likely to misinterpret physical symptoms and display higher rates of checking behaviours and trait anxiety 60 of study group with illness phobia developed hypochondriaPDFactsStats Good prevalence data is lacking 3 Sex ratio is 5050Onset at any age and runs a chronic course Culture specific syndromes a Koro belief followed by sever anxietypanic that the genitals are retracting into the abdomenMost common in Chinese males Guilt about excessive masturbation shitty sex or promiscuity b Dhat anxious concern about losing semen during sexual activityPrevalent in India Physical symptoms dizziness weaknessfatigue
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