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Term 1 Exam Review Questions
Term 1 Exam Review Questions

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Queen's University
SOCY 122
Rob Beamish

The main overall message in Michael Weschs YouTube video A Vision of Students That todays students are entering a new era of information and they need to reflect on how prepared they are to deal with the new digital realityIn their book Ivory Tower Blues Ct and Allahar argue that students entering university today Are pushed into a situation for which they are not prepared academically or emotionally Drawing upon Marshall McLuhans terminology from his book Understanding Media one could best describe the digital media of today as Molten Ice mediaTo think sociologically is not necessarily easy because People are already sophisticated social actors relying on their everyday stocks of knowledge so they do not feel they need sociologyAccording to C Wright Mills what is sociologys task and promise It must grasp the intersection of personal biography and the history of social structureOne garment worker losing her job is according to C Wright MillsIs a personal trouble of milieu According to C Wright Mills public issues of social structure are Extend beyond the local environment of an individual and involve the intersection of many milieuMills argues that there are three types of questions sociologists should ask They concern
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