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Probability theory (week 7).docx

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Queen's University
SOCY 210
Vincent F Sacco

Probability theory  Confidence in estimate  Estimating for the greater population  How much error is in the estimate Sampling Distribution  Bell shaped curve, normal curve o Random samples selected then statistic is calculated o Sample statistics provided by these samples will be distributed around population parameter Normal Distribution  Value of statistic- x axis  Number of samples- y axis  Central value of normal distribution is parameter (average) o Distribution is spread around that central value o Distribution of sample averages  Popcorn bell curve Sampling error  How close samples are clustered around the real value  Unknown distance  Always some error in the sample Standard Error  Distance between actual value and the parameter  On average, how far is sample from population o Measured in units  Difference between mean in sample and mean in population  Average distance between standard line and value  Measure how tightly grouped points are or how spread out they are o The more they are spread out, then standard error is l
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