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chap 6

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Ryerson University
ACC 406
George Gekas

A CTIVITB ASEDC OSTING(ABC) Dr. George Andrew Gekas These notes are posted on blackboard to high light and complement certain aspects of the topic, facilitate those students who may have missed my lecture, balance traditional with internet based learning and overall enhance students learning. The notes are not meant to suggest what may be in the exams, replace coming to class, textbook studying andor problem solving. V ISUA EXPLANATION: TOP DOWN STUCTURE BOTTOM UP COSTING PANEL A: Business Function Third build in the same fashion (Steps 1 and 2) the other costs of the other business functions. Research and Development Product Design Manufacturing Marketing Distribution PANEL B: Production Departments Second, repeat the same for the departments of Machining and Forging. The total cost to manufacture the product is the sum of costs in the three departments Assembly Machining Forging PANEL C: Activities 1
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