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BLG 144
Tsogbadral Galaabaatar

Case Study Analysis MKT1000 Fall 2014There are four cases chosen for this course These cases are available in the customized casebook that comes with the purchase of a new textbook or may be purchased individually from the Humber bookstoreYou will be randomly assigned to groups of 4 to 6 students each see list on Blackboardthe groups remain the same for current issues presentation Each group will submit one analysis for each case studyPlease follow the following format to write the analysis for each of your case studies utilizing the headings to provide a better structure Each group is required to handin 3 mandatory cases Case 4 will be a makeup case that the students can use to either makeup for a missed case or to improve their gradeEach case is marked out of 20 as indicated below and is weighted as follows Case 1 and 28 eachCase 39Case 4Makeup caseif submitted will replace the lowest grade earned in the previous 3 casesTherefore the THREE Case Study Analysis represent 25 marks of your overall total grade STRUCTURE1Introduction and Key Facts of the caseThis may includeCauses that led to the problem Consequences of the problem
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