CRM 100 Study Guide - Final Guide: Superior Court, Youth Criminal Justice Act, United States Territorial Court

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In ontario, the court of appeal is independent and separate from the. In most cases, the role also includes making decisions on the guilt or innocence of the accused and passing sentence: a key role of the judge is serving as gatekeeper of evidence presented at trial. Canada: prosecute cases under federal statutes, including drugs, organized crime, and terrorism. Incarceration: the enlightenment, european intellectual movement of the late 17th and 18th centuries emphasizing reason and individualism rather than tradition. It symbolized a moral architecture, one that reflected themes of order and morality: the panopticon jeremy bentham, discipline and punish michel foucault, types of correctional institutions. Involving all those with a stake in the situation: john howard society, the john howard society is a canadian non-profit organization that seeks to develop understanding and effective responses to the problem of crime and prison reform. It feautures a peacemaking program that focuses on restorative justice principles.

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