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FSN 132
Julia Scalzo

Romanesque & Gothic Architecture & Sculptural Decoration in Italy & the 14th Century in Italy Week 9 November 9 , 2012 Chapters: Adams 10 & 11, & 12 Italian Medieval Architecture and 19 Century Art 11.36 Phillip I of France (1260) -more stylized, less colours 11.37 Life of Saint Denis (1317)-more defined, naturalistic, slight modelling -BOTH not proportionate, skewed perspectives, buildings extend past boarders, flat 2D, St. Foy, conques 1050 VS St. Denis 1144 ***Pointed arch can be stretched **Romanesque-Rounded **Gothic-Pointy Transept Choir Radiating Chapels Ambulatory 10.39 Saint Etienne 1067 VS 11.32 Reims 1211 VS 11.38 St. Chapelle, Paris 1243-1248 –no flying buttrices VS English Version- 11.48 King’s College Chapel, Cambridge1508-1515 11.38 Sainte-Chapelle 1243 11.48 King’s College 1508 Italian Romanesque & Gothic Architecture 8.9-.11 Sta. Constanzo 8.5+.6 Old St.Petersburg 330-390 8.8 St. Paul outside the wall, Rome 385 ***Influences, Still Standing 10.30-.33 Pisa Baptistery Cathedral, campanile (1063- 1272) -no French towers-separate tower (leaning tower of Pisa) Romanesque & Gothic Architecture & Sculptural Decoration in Italy & the 14th Century in Italy Week 9 - Started building tower, two rows up realized foundation was unbalanced- tried to compensate by making one side taller -baptism building-separate from church, rounded simple structure, (not many people present at baptisms) th NIT St. Ambriogio, Milan 11 century NIT S. Minianto al Monte, Florence 1062-1090 -Classic Architecture 10.34 & .41 st. Etienne, caon 1067-1087 10.31 11
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